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Sirince Greek Village

Sirince, a mountain village in İzmir’s Selçuk district, is undoubtedly one of the most famous villages in Turkey.
It would be wrong to call it a village. It has an artificial side that looks more like a movie set.

History of Sirince

Sirince is a touristic village with preserved historical architecture, 8 kilometers from Selçuk. The history of Şirince dates back to the 5th century AD. Şirince, which developed with the start of exporting figs in the 19th century, took the name Şirince in the post-exchange period. Two churches and many stone houses belonging to the Greeks who migrated to Greece from the region have survived to the present day.
Although Sirince houses have been restored as hotels, cafes, and restaurants, they still preserve their original structures.

While strolling the streets of Şirince, you can see historical houses, wine cellars, and handicraft shops. Apart from this, olive oil, wine, and soap produced in Şirince are among the products that tourists receive as gifts.

Must see places in the village

Hodri Meydan Hill
St. John the Baptist Church
Church of St. Dimitrios
Theater Madrasa
Nesin Mathematics Village


For those who want to go from Selçuk to Sirince, minibus services are organized every twenty minutes from the bus station throughout the day. It is also possible to reach the village in your private car.