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Places Nearby Selcuk


Selcuk is a district of Turkey’s Izmir Province. Famous Ephesus Ancient City, Sirince village, Virgin Mary’s House, and Artemis Temple, one of the 7 wonders of the world, are located in Selcuk.

Selcuk is one of the largest open-air museums in the world. It has been one of the most important settlements of the Ancient Age. Most of the historical buildings in Selcuk are still standing. Ephesus is a very important center for Turkish and world tourism. Ephesus is visited by approximately 2 million visitors every year. Selçuk Ephesus Museum is one of the most important and richest museums in Europe with only local artifacts it owns and exhibits. Isa Bey Mosque, one of the most important works of Seljuk art, is in here. The mosque is the oldest known example of both the courtyard Turkish mosque type and the Anatolian columned mosques.

The history of Ephesus dates back to the 6th millennium BC. This conclusion has been reached with the archaeological settlement finds unearthed in the Arvalya and Çukuriçi mounds in recent years. Excavations on Ayasuluk Hill revealed that there was an uninterrupted settlement here from the Early Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Age. This proves that ancient Ephesus is on Ayasuluk Hill and that Anatolian tribes and Hittites lived here. It is also known as Apasas in Hittite inscriptions.


The main historical monuments in the district are the Temple of Artemis, Ephesus Ancient City, Virgin Mary’s House and Church, St. Jean Church and Tomb, Selcuk (Ayasuluk) Castle, Isa Bey Mosque, Seven Sleepers, Byzantine Aqueducts, and Pollio Aqueduct.
Also, Sirince village, nearby, is a popular rural tourism destination.

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